Geospatial Services Branch

The Geospatial Services Branch supports natural resource management programs with the provision of spatial data analysis, geographic information system (GIS) services, spatial system support and the creation of department map products.

GSB is responsible for the safe storage and management of department spatial datasets and the provision of geospatial information resources to external users.

  • View access details for the department’s geospatial information products via the Geospatial resources web page.
  • The data is free of charge to the public and is supplied under the Creative Commons License.
  • GSB manages the NR Maps web mapping application. Users can display, query and download data layers and map products. Find out more about how to use NR Maps.
  • Corporate technical reports are archived in the Northern Territory Library Government e-Publications area. Find a report (PDF) on Territory Stories.
  • View details for other Northern Territory environment data and information via the Environment data web page.

Last updated: 19 February 2021

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