Oolloo Water Advisory Committee

The Oolloo Water Advisory Committee has been formed by the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources.

The provides advice and recommendations to the department on the development of a Water Allocation Plan for the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer.

An important feature of the committee is to inform and to be advised by the community regarding issues relevant to the aquifer.

The committee’s role is to:

  • identify issues
  • critically evaluate information
  • offer suggestions for water management strategies that support the potential beneficial uses and
  • maximise opportunities for ecological sustainable development in the region.

The committee will:

  • bring a diversity of skills, perspectives and opinions to bear on water management in the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer, and in the Daly River catchment more broadly as is relevant to management of the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer
  • actively and openly participate in the development of the water allocation plan for the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer
  • identify, discuss and make recommendations to the department on matters regarding the assessment, management and use of water from the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer
  • share information about the water allocation planning process with the community and seek their values and interests, ensuring these are communicated back to the department
  • participate in the development of water management strategies for the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer that are consistent with the requirements of the Water Act 1992 and, as far as practicable, the National Water Initiative
  • consider any other matters referred to it by the minister of the department.

Read terms of reference PDF (105.0 KB)

Read the minutes from the committee meetings.

Committee members

Mr John Childs Chairperson and Community Member
Ms Kate Peake Community Member/ Regional Development NT
Mr Simon Smith NT Farmers Association Representative
Mr Malcom Baker TFS Corporation
Mr Sam McBean NT Cattleman’s Association Representative
Mr Warren de With AFANT Representative
Mr Dick Perry Community Member
Mr Eddie Webber Community Member
Ms Mona Liddy Wagiman Representative
Dr Lorrae McArthur Northern Land Council Representative
Dr Alison King Aquatic Ecologist
Mr Peter Marks Horticulturalist/ Community Member     
Mr Phil Howie Community Member
Mr Rob Lindsay Maddaingya Malak Malak Representative

Last updated: 11 October 2016

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