Fire management

There are many stakeholders across the Northern Territory (NT) managing a patchwork of land tenures each with different fire management objectives. The scales of these tenures range from rural residential subdivisions to pastoral stations to extensive Aboriginal Land Trust areas.

The need for a more coordinated whole of community approach to bushfire management planning was created due to:

  • population densities increasing at the urban and rural interface
  • the spread of high fuel load exotic grasses
  • climate variability and emerging new land uses.

Bushfires NT has established a planning group which is jointly funded by the Commonwealth's 'National Bushfires Mitigation Project' and the NT Government.

The planning group aims to improve the way bushfire stakeholders work together to reduce risk of wildfire through shared planning of mitigation and response.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in operational planning across the NT in:

  • Bushfires NT staff
  • volunteer Bushfire Brigades
  • other government agencies and
  • most importantly individual landholders.

Supporting the planning processes of the operational stakeholders is a focus of Bushfires NT.

It is anticipated that together this effort will do the following:

  • strengthen whole of community planning capability and therefore resilience
  • respond to new legislative requirements
  • standardise planning tools across the Territory.

Tools being developed as a part of this project include:

  • Bushfire Management Planning Framework that links different management scales
  • whole of community planning workshops
  • risk-based maps to prioritise and evaluate mitigation activities
  • standardised planning templates - such as Regional Bushfire Plans or Individual Property Bushfire Plans.

For more information contact your regional Bushfires NT office.

Read more about Bushfires NT.

Last updated: 18 March 2016

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