Fawn Antechinus

Have you seen the Fawn Antechinus?

The Department's Flora and Fauna Division are looking for properties in the Darwin Rural area where Fawn Antechinus are found to run a research project from May – July 2018.

All animals trapped will be recorded and then released in exactly the same place they were found.

The Fawn Antechinus is a small marsupial that lives in tall woodland. It is smaller than a rat, has a pointy face (faces of rats and mice are rounded) and its tail is shorter than its body length (rats tails are much longer than their body).

Fawn Antechinus have declined significantly from a number of locations where we have established monitoring programs. Once a species becomes rare in the landscape it becomes much more difficult to find (or detect). We are no longer catching them at sites where it was previously easy to trap one.

Fawn Antechinus is a threatened species.

For more information on the Fawn Antechinus view Factsheet

If you think you know where Fawn Antechinus might be found please contact Anna Miller, Flora and Fauna Division, 08 8995 5014 or anna.miller@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 26 April 2018

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