This page lists publications, reports and journals from the Flora and Fauna Division in 2003.

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Publications and journals

Blythe, J. & Wightman, G. M. (2003). The role of animals and plants in maintaining the links. In Blythe & McKenna Brown (eds.), Maintaining the Links; Language, Identity and the Land. (Foundation of Endangered Languages: Bath). Aboriginal knowledge: plants and animals.

Brennan, K., Woinarski, J., Hempel, C., Cowie, I., and Dunlop, C. (2003). Biological inventory of the Arafura Swamp and catchment. Report to Natural Heritage Trust. 255pp. (Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Darwin.)

Chatto, R. (2003). The distribution and status of shorebirds around the coast and coastal wetlands of the Northern Territory PDF (5.7 MB). Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

Chatto,R.(2003). Seabirds and shorebirds of the Darwin Harbour regional plan of management area. Pp 231 —235. In Proceedings:Darwin Harbour Region: Current knowledge and future needs. (Ed.Working Group for the Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee). Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment: Darwin).

Cowie, l.D. (2003). Freshwater Aquatic Plants of Darwin Harbour Catchments PDF (281.6 KB). In ‘Proceedings: Darwin Harbour Region: Current knowledge and future needs’. (Ed. Working Group for the Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee) pp 160—177 (Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment: Darwin).

Hempel, CJ, (2003). The Application of Landsat imagery to land cover mapping in the greater Darwin region.Technical report number 74, ISBN 1 9207 7217 0. (Biodiversity Unit, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment).

Hughes, B., Delany, S., Manterola, C., Sneary, M., and Woinarski, J.  (2003).  Waterfowl.  in Wildlife Spectacles.  (eds R.A. Mittermeier, P. R. Gil, C.G. Mittermeier, T. Brooks, M. Hoffmann, W.R. Konstant, G.A.B. da Fonseca and R.B. Mast.) pp. 176-183.  (CEMEX – Agrupacion Sierra Madre – Conservation International Mexico City.)

Kavanagh, R., Loyn, R., Smith, G.,Taylor, R. and Catling P. (2003). Identification of species and functional groups that give early warning of major environmental change (Indicator 1.2c).Summary report. Report to Forests and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation, Canberra.Kerrigan, R. (2003). Kakadu Threatened Flora Report. Results of a threatened flora survey 2003.

Puckey, H., Woinarski, J., and Trainor, C. (2003). Revised recovery plan for the Carpentarian Rock-rat Zyzomys palatalis.  PDF (4.1 MB) Report to Environment Australia. Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

Watson, M., and Woinarski, J. (2003). Vertebrate monitoring and resampling in Kakadu National Park, 2002. Report to Parks Australia North. (Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory: Darwin.)

Woinarski, J., Brennan, K., Cowie, I., Kerrigan, R., and Hempel, C. (2003). Biodiversity conservation on the Tiwi islands, Northern Territory. Part 1. Plants and environments.  PDF (4.1 MB)144 pp. (Department of Infrastructure Planning and Environment: Darwin.)

Woinarski, J., Brennan, K., Hempel, C., Armstrong, M., Milne, D., and Chatto, R. (2003). Biodiversity conservation on the Tiwi islands, Northern Territory. Part 2. Fauna. 127 pp. (Department of Infrastructure Planning and Environment: Darwin.)

Woinarski, J., Hadden, K., Hicks, J., and McLeod, D. (2003). Biodiversity conservation on the Tiwi islands, Northern Territory. Part 3. Management and planning for biodiversity conservation. 67 pp. (Department of Infrastructure Planning and Environment: Darwin.)


Catterall, C.P., and Woinarski, J.C.Z. (2003). Birds of Coomooboolaroo, central Queensland, from 1873 to 1999. Sunbird 33, 77-98.

Dixon, D. J., Cowie, I. D. & Kerrigan, R. A. (2003). Ptychosperma macarthurii or P. bleeseri? The taxonomic status of P. bleeseri reconsidered. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 19: 81-86.

Dixon, D.J. (2003). A taxonomic revision of the Australian Ficus species in the section Mavanthera (Ficus subg.Urostigma: Moraceae). Telopea 10: 125—1 53.

Edwards, A., Kennett, R., Price, O., Russell-Smith, J., Spiers, G., and Woinarski, J. (2003). Monitoring the impacts of fire regimes on biodiversity in northern Australia: an example from Kakadu National Park. International Journal of Wildland Fire 12, 427-440.

Fisher A. (2003). Not so easy — biodiversity monitoring in tropical rangelands. Thinking Bush 2, April 2003,20—21.

Grace, B.S. and Müller—Schärer, H. (2003). Biological control of Senecio vulgaris in carrots (Daucus carota) with the rust fungus Puccinia lagenophorae. Basic and Applied Ecology 4: 375—384.

Kean, L. and Price, O. (2003). The extent of Mission grasses and Gamba Grass in the Darwin region of Australia's Northern Territory. Pacific Conservation Biology 8, 281-290.

Letnic, M. (2003). The effects of experimental patch burning and rainfall on small mammals in the Simpson Desert, Queensland. Wildlife Research 30, 547-563.

Letnic, M. (2003). In the desert, boom means bust, rain means fire. Australian Geographic 69, 85.

Letnic, M. (2003). Floods, flames and foxes. Nature Australia 27, 28-37.

Li, RW., Myers, S.P., Leach, DN., Lin, G.D. & Leach, G.J. (2003) A cross cultural study: anti—inflammatory activity of Australian and Chinese plants. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 85:25—32.

Milne, D.J. and Nash, K.N. (2003). Range extension for the White—striped Freetail Bat Tadarida australis in the Northern Territory from Anabat recordings. Northern Territory Naturalist 17:46—49.

Milne, D.J., Reardon, T.B. and Watt, F. (2003). New records for the Arnhem sheathtail bat Taphozous kapalgensis(Chiroptera: Emballonuridae) from voucher specimens and Anabat recordings. Australian Zoologist 32, 439-445.

Pavey, C.R., Goodship, N., and Geiser, F. (2003). Home range and spatial organisation of the rock—dwelling carnivourous marsupial, Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis. Wildlife Research 30: 135—142.

Pavey, C.R., and Joseph, L. (in press).The occurrence of the slender—billed thornbill Acanthiza iredalei in the Northern Territory. South Australian Ornithologist.

Price, O., Russell-Smith, J. and Edwards, A. (2003). Fine-scale patchiness of different fire intensities in sandstone heath vegetation in northern Australia. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 12, 227-236.

Puckey, H.(2003) Additional records of the Carpentarian Rock—rat Zyzomys palatalis at Redbank, close to the type locality. Northern Territory Naturalist  17:43—45.

Rankmore, B.R. (2003). Species Profile: The Black—footed Tree—rat (Mesembriomys gouldi,). Northern Territory Naturalist 17:56—57.

Rankmore, B.R. and Price, 0., (submitted). Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on the fauna of tropical open forests, Northern Territory. 2nd Ed. Conservation of Australia’s Forest Fauna, Ed. Daniel Lunney.

Short, P. S., Dixon, D, & Osterkamp Madsen, M. (2003). A review of the ferns and fern allies of the Northern Territory. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 19: 7–80.

Taylor, RJ., Regan,T., Regan, H., Burgman, M. and Bonham, K. (2003). Impacts of plantation development, harvesting schedules and rotation lengths on the rare snail Tasmaphenalamproides in northwest Tasmania:a population viability analysis. Forest Ecology and Management 175:455—466.

Taylor, R., Woinarski, J. and Chatto, R. (2003) Hollow use by vertebrates in the Top End of the Northern Territory. Australian Zoologist 32, 462-476.

Whitehead, P.J., Woinarski, J.C.Z., Franklin, D., and Price, O. (2003). Landscape ecology, wildlife management and conservation in northern Australia: linking policy, practice and capability in regional planning. In Landscape ecology and resource management: linking theory with practice. pp. 227-259. (eds I. Storch and J.A. Bissonette.) (Island Press: Washington).

Williams, R.J., Woinarski, J.C.Z., and Andersen, A.N. (2003). Fire Experiments in northern Australia: contributions to ecological understanding and biodiversity conservation in tropical savannas. International Journal of Wildland Fire 12, 391-402.

Wilson, C.G., Barrow, RH. and Michell, C.R. (2003). New locations and host plants for Leichhardt’s grasshopperPetasida ephippigera. White (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) in the Northern Territory. Australian Entomologist 30:167—176.

Woinarski, J.C.Z. (in press). Fire, flood and other stochastic disturbance events. In Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Biodiversity and Conservation. (ed. G. McKay). (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge).

Woinarski, J.C.Z., and Fisher, A. (2003). Conservation and the maintenance of biodiversity in the rangelands. The Rangeland Journal 25, 157-171.

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