This page lists the publications, reports and journals from the Flora and Fauna Division in 2007.

For enquiries about any of the publications or journals listed below send an email to biodiversity.denr@nt.gov.au.

Publications and reports

Albrecht, D.E., Duguid, A.W., Coulson, H., Harris M.G. and Latz, P.K. (2007). Vascular plant checklist for the southern bioregions of the Northern Territory: Edition 2. Dept Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts, Alice Springs.

Berghout, M, Edwards, J., Griffiths, AD, Price, O and Woinarski, JCZ (2007) Vegetation retention plans for Darwin, Katherine and Marrakai regions. Report to NT NRM Board. NRETA, Palmerston.

Garnett, S.T., and Woinarski, J.C.Z. (2007). A case for Indigenous threatened species management. In Investing in Indigenous Natural Resource Management (eds M.K. Luckert, B.M. Campbell, J.T. Gorman and S.T. Garnett.) pp. 38-44. (Charles Darwin University Press, Darwin.)

Mackey, B.G., Soule, M.E., Nix, H.A., Recher, H.F., Lesslie, R.G., Williams, J.E., Woinarski, J.C.Z., Hobbs, R.J., and Possingham, H.P. (2007). Towards a scientific framework for the WildCountry project. PDF (546.6 KB) In Key topics and perspectives in landscape ecology (eds J. Wu and R.J. Hobbs). pp. 192-213. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge).

Nano, C., Harris, M., and Pavey, C. R. (2007). National recovery plan for threatened Acacias and Ricinocarpos gloria-medii in central Australia. Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts, Alice Springs.

Neave, H.M. (2007). MacDonnell Ranges Bioregion – Collation of Biological Information of Regional, Northern Territory, National and International Significance. PDF (3.0 MB) Northern Territory Government Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts.

Ward T.J., Edyvane K.S., Larson H., Marsh H. and Bustamente R. (2007). Scientific Design and Implementation Principles for a Network of CAR Marine Protected Areas in the NT. Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport, NT Government.

Woinarski, J.C.Z. (2007) Nature’s infinite variety: conservation choice and management for dynamic ecological systems. In Managing and designing landscapes for conservation: moving from perspectives to principles (eds D. Lindenmayer and R. Hobbs.) pp. 101-110. (Blackwell, Oxford.).

Woinarski, J. Mackey, B., Nix, H. and Traill, B. (2007). The nature of Australia: natural values, ecological processes and future prospects. ANU E Press, The Australian National University, Canberra.

Woinarski, J., Pavey, C., Kerrigan, R., Cowie, I., Ward, S. (2007). Lost from our landscape: threatened species of the Northern Territory. Northern Territory Government Printer, Darwin.

Woinarski, J., Rankmore, B., Fisher, A., Brennan, K., and Milne, D. (2007). The natural occurrence of northern quolls Dasyurus hallucatus on islands of the Northern Territory: assessment of refuges from the threat posed by cane toads Bufo marinus. Report to the Natural Heritage Trust. PDF (804.6 KB) (Department of Natural Resources, Environment and The Arts, Darwin.)


Braby, M.F. and Nishida, K. (2007) The immature stages, larval food plants and biology of Neotropical mistletoe butterflies (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). I. The Hesperocharis group (Anthocharidini). Journal of the Lepidopterist’s Society 61: 181-195.

Braby, M.F. (2007) Collecting biological specimens in the Northern Territory with particular reference to terrestrial invertebrates: guidelines to current legislation and permits. PDF (296.0 KB) Northern Territory Naturalist 19: 35-45.

Braby, M.F., Pierce, N.E. and Vila, R. (2007) Phylogeny and historical biogeography of the subtribe Aporiina (Lepidoptera: Pieridae): implications for the origin of Australian butterflies. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society90: 413-440.

Braby, M.F. and Pierce, N.E. (2007) Systematics, biogeography and diversification of the Indo-Australian genusDelias Hübner (Lepidoptera: Pieridae): phylogenetic evidence supports an ‘out-of-Australia’ origin. Systematic Entomology 32: 2-25.

Braby, M.F. (2007). Moths by day, butterflies by night. Nature Territory. Newsletter of the Northern Territory Field Naturalists Club Inc. November 2007: 5-7.

Braby, M.F. (2007) Book Review. The Smaller Majority: The Hidden World of the Animals that Dominate the Tropics. By Piotr Naskrecki. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, UK. 2005; x + 278 pp; hardback. ISBN 0-674-01915-6. Price US$35. Australian Entomologist 34: 58-60.

Griffiths AD and McKay JL (2007). Cane toads reduce the abundance and site occupancy of freshwater goannas (Varanus mertensi). Wildlife Research 34, 609-615.

Gomelyuk V.E. (2007). Severe coral bleaching in 2002–2003 at Cobourg Marine Park, Northern Territory, Australia.The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, 2007 23: 11–19.

Gorman J, Saalfield K, and Griffiths AD (2007). Population estimate of feral buffalo and cattle on the Arafura Swamp, central Arnhem Land. Northern Territory Naturalist 19, 1-8.

Hannah, D., Woinarski, J.C.W., Catterall, C.P., McCosker, J.C., Thurgate, N.Y. and Fensham, R.J. (2007). Impacts of clearing, fragmentation and disturbance on the bird fauna of Eucalypt savanna woodlands in central Queensland, Australia. Austral Ecology 29, 156-176.

Kutt, A.S., and Woinarski, J.C.Z. (2007). The effects of grazing and fire on vegetation and the vertebrate assemblage in a tropical savanna woodland in north-eastern Australia. Journal of Tropical Ecology 23, 95-106.

McKenzie, N.L., Burbidge, A.A., Baynes, A., Brereton, R.N., Dickman, C.R., Gordon, G., Gibson, L.A., Menkhorst, P.W., Robinson, A.C., Williams, M.R., and Woinarski, J.C.Z. (2007). Analysis of factors implicated in the recent decline of Australia’s mammal fauna. Journal of Biogeography 34, 597-611.

Palmer, C., Brennan, K. and Morrison, S. (2007). Short-term effects of a category 5 cyclone on terrestrial bird populations on Marchinbar Island, Northern Territory. NT Naturalist 19: 15-54.

Smith J, Brook BW, Griffiths AD, and Thompson G (2007) Can morphometrics predict sex in varanids? Journal of Herpetology 41, 132-139.

Start, A.N., Burbidge, A.A., McKenzie, N.L. and Palmer, C. (2007). The status of mammals in the north Kimberley, Western Australia. Australian Mammalogy 29: 1-16.

Walsh, N.G. and Albrecht, D.E. (2007). Lobelia cleistogamoides (Campanulaceae, subfamily Lobelioideae, section Holopogon Benth.), a new species related to L. heterophylla Labill. from Western Australia and South Australia. Nuytsia 17:397-401.

Wheat, C.W., Vogel, H., Wittstock, U., Braby, M.F., Underwood, D. and Mitchell-Olds, T. (2007). The genetic basis of a plant-insect coevolutionary key innovation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 104 (51): 20427-20431.

Ziembicki, M. (2007). Black and White Answers: Aboriginal knowledge and western science combine to help NT’s native mammals. Australian Geographic 87:43-44.

Ziembicki, M., and Woinarski, J. (2007). Monitoring continental movement patterns of the Australian Bustard through community-based surveys and remote sensing. Pacific Conservation Biology 13: 128-142.

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