Changes to align current TPWCA status with EPBCA status

The NT has joined all other state and territory governments and the Australian Government in a common agreement on how threatened species are assessed and listed, called the Common Assessment Method (CAM).

Under that agreement, the listing for a threatened species should be the same in all the states and territories where it occurs (including the national list under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBCA)).

To align with the CAM agreement, we propose to change the status under the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1976 (TPWCA) of 18 species, as follows:

Summary of proposed changes to listings to taxa

Type Common name Scientific name Current TPWCA listing category * Current EPBCA listing category * Proposed TPWCA listing category *
Plant - Atalaya brevialata DD  CR CR
Plant-Clausena excavataENCRCR
MammalBlack-footed Tree-rat (Kimberley and mainland Northern Territory)Mesembriomys gouldii gouldiiVU (as M. gouldii)ENEN
MammalBlack-footed Tree-rat (Melville Island)Mesembriomys gouldii melvillensisVU (as M. gouldii)VUVU
Mammal Nabarlek (Top End) Petrogale concinna canescensVU (as P. concinna) EN EN
Mammal Nabarlek (Victoria River District) Petrogale concinna concinna VU (as P. concinna) CR (PE) CR
Mammal Sandhill Dunnart Sminthopsis psammophila DD EN EN
Bird Red KnotCalidris canutus VU EN EN
Bird Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea VU CR CR
Bird Great Knot Calidris tenuirostris VU CR CR
Bird Lesser Sand Plover, Mongolian Plover Charadrius mongolus VU EN EN
Bird Christmas Island Frigatebird Fregata andrewsi NE EN EN
Bird Bar-tailed Godwit (western Alaskan) Limosa lapponica baueri VU (as L. lapponica) VU VU
Bird Bar-tailed Godwit (northern Siberian) Limosa lapponica menzbieri VU (as L. lapponica) CR CR
Far Eastern Curlew
Numenius madagascariensis VU CR CR
Bird Plains-wanderer Pedionomus torquatus DD CR CR
Bird Night Parrot Pezoporus occidentalis CR EN EN
Bird Australian Painted-snipe Rostratula australis VU EN EN

* Refer to the IUCN categories

Last updated: 25 January 2021

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