Application of the Large Emitters Policy

The Large Emitters Policy applies to new projects and expansion of existing projects that are considered to be ‘large emitters’. The Policy is not retrospective. Existing projects or projects that are currently being assessed by the Government are not subject to the Policy.

  • The Large Emitters Policy defines ‘large emitters’ as projects that meet or exceed emissions thresholds:
    • The industrial project threshold is 100 000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) (scope 1) in any financial year over the life cycle of a project.
    • The land use project threshold is 500 000 tCO2-e (scope 1) generated from a single clearing action, or cumulatively from multiple land clearing actions on a property over time.
  • A project which is required to obtain an environmental authorisation under Territory legislation to proceed and meets one of the thresholds contained in the Policy is required to meet the obligations of the Policy.
  • Projects covered by the Policy are required to develop a Greenhouse Gas Abatement Plan (GGAP) which is to demonstrate how scope1 and scope 2 emissions (direct and indirect) will be managed and reduced.
  • A GGAP must establish a project’s overarching emissions target and set out interim targets that establish a trajectory for achieving the long-term target.
  • The Large Emitters Policy establishes net zero emissions by 2050 as the default expectation for a project’s target, but provides flexibility to proponents to propose alternatives where justification is provided.
  • A GGAP will form part of the approving Minister’s consideration of a project and may be captured by conditions of an environmental authorisation, making the GGAP enforceable.

Last updated: 01 September 2021

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