Large emitting resource projects

The Large Emitters Policy applies to development projects that require an environmental authorisation to be granted under Territory environmental legislation. This includes resource development projects that require approval under the Environment Protection Act 2019.

The thresholds for the policy apply to scope 1 emissions only. Examples of scope 1 emissions for a resource development project include:

  • emissions produced from a processing facility
  • emissions from the burning of diesel fuel in trucks
  • production of electricity by burning fossil fuels.

The Large Emitters Policy does not require greenhouse gas emissions from land clearing to be included in the calculation of scope 1 emissions from a resource development project.

If a resource development project is likely to exceed the thresholds of the Large Emitters Policy a proponent should submit a GGAP for assessment as part of the project’s usual assessment process. This will help facilitate a streamlined assessment process. The GGAP will be assessed by the NT EPA if assessment is required under the Environment Protection Act 2019 and considered by the responsible Minister.

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Last updated: 01 September 2021

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