NR Maps information

NR Maps is a web mapping tool to discover, research and map natural and cultural research data for the Northern Territory.

The system contains a range of data layers, map products and mapping functions.

Select the NR Maps version that suits your needs from the index.


Identify, search and selection query tools only work with the 'Active Layer'.

Cadastre (Land Parcels) is the 'Active Layer' when you open NR Maps.

To change the 'Active Layer' - right mouse click on a layer and choose 'Set Active'.

Find out about new additions to NR Maps.

This dedicated Know your bore tool displays bores that may be at risk of running dry in the 2020 Dry season in the Darwin rural, Palmerston and Katherine areas.

All current bores in the NT are searchable and contain a link to the bore report.

Users seeking bore information may prefer this simple web tool to NR Maps.


For more information on the geospatial resources and data requests.

If you require further assistance using NR Maps, please contact the Geospatial Services Branch.

Geospatial Services:
Phone: 08 8999 4577

Last updated: 26 March 2021

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