Annual aerial magpie geese surveys to kick off


The Department of Land Resource Management (DLRM) will today carry out the annual magpie goose survey in preparation for this year’s waterfowl hunting season.

DLRM Senior Scientist, Wildlife Use and Pest Animals, Keith Saalfeld said the survey was carried out annually and was a requirement of the magpie goose management program.

“The survey results, along with hunting return data and environmental parameters will determine the recommendations for the declaration of the annual waterfowl hunting season. 

“Key recommendations that will come out of this survey will help determine the duration of the season and daily bag limits.”

Last season, following two poor wet seasons, the daily bag limit of magpie geese was reduced from 10 to seven.

 “Reducing last season’s bag limits allowed hunters to enjoy the waterfowl hunting season without adversely impacting the magpie geese population beyond sustainable levels,” Mr Saalfeld said. 

“This year’s survey will cover the ‘core’ Top End wetlands used for nesting, including Arnhem Land.

“The survey will be carried out with assistance from NT Field & Game and Kakadu National Park and the support of the Northern Land Council.”

The surveys will be conducted over three weeks between the 3rd and 29th of May, with the announcement of the waterfowl hunting season to be expected in July.

Magpie Goose

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