Berry Springs Water Allocation Plan 2016-2026


The Berry Springs Water Allocation Plan 2016-2026 is in effect and can be viewed at

Northern Territory Controller of Water Resources, Alastair Shields, thanked the Berry Springs Water Advisory Committee, key stakeholders and members of the community who provided input towards finalisation of the Plan.

Mr Shields said this new Plan has the following objectives:

  • To maintain groundwater levels and water quality sufficient to meet the minimum requirements of current consumptive and environmental users
  • Improve management of the aquifer
  • Protect the environment
  • Support Aboriginal culture and communities
  • Ensure regional economic development is sustainable

“The Plan has been developed in accordance with the Water Act 1992 and applies to a 105 square kilometre area within the Darwin Rural Water Control District, enclosing the Berry Springs Dolostone Aquifer System,” Mr Shields said.

“The Plan will be used as a framework to guide the sharing of water between human and environmental needs.

“Any water extraction licence issued under the Plan will be subject to announced allocations, which are made annually on the 1st of May.

“The Plan will operate for 10 years and the initial review will be held in two years to coincide with the expiration of Interim Development Control Order 22 put in place by the Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment.”

Berry Springs Water Allocation Plan

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