Darwin Harbour Region Report Card released


The 2015 Darwin Harbour Region Report Card has been released and is now available to the public.

The Report Card showcases some of the diverse projects and programs in place that are used to monitor and protect the Darwin Harbour.  

Department of Land Resource Management, Executive Director Water Resources Division, Jo Townsend said the Report Card was known for its reporting on water quality across nine zones on the Harbour but there was also a wide range of monitoring and research in place in Darwin harbour. 

“The Report Card gives some of these activities some well-deserved acknowledgement,” she said.

“Highlights showcased in this years’ report card are updates on the marine ranger program, the use of underwater cameras to monitor fish, and studies into how sponges are affected by water pollution.

“There are also stories about the mangrove in Darwin harbour, cleaning up litter and monitoring stream insects using light traps.

“Extensive water quality monitoring found the majority of the harbour’s water quality is generally very good or excellent and no aquatic pests were found in the harbour, which is very good news.”

The 2015 Darwin Harbour Region Report Card also provides an annual update of the harbour’s water quality, as well as monitoring and research activities.

Ms Townsend said the report card was a colourful, easy-to-read, and full of interesting information/stories.

“There is lots of monitoring and research going on in the harbour and the Report Card brings this work into light,” she said.

“These report cards are vital to our research into the water quality in the Darwin Harbour area.

“This high report card grading is indicative of the hard work that the department undertakes to ensure water is of high quality in our harbour.”

The publication showcases the work the department, the collaborative partners and environmental research that is done to monitor, and protect the harbour.

To read the Darwin Harbour Region Report Card, please visit https://denr.nt.gov.au/land-resource-management/water-resources/darwin-harbour/darwin-harbour-region-report-cards

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