Gamba Action Program Launched Today


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources today launched the 2016 Gamba Action Program in Darwin.

Weeds Management Branch director Geri Lee said Top End landholders can obtain free limited herbicide and spray equipment loans from next week at:

  • Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve, Bees Creek - 0427272586
  • Douglas Daly Research Farm - 89782442
  •  Katherine Weed Management Depot - 89738857
  • Coomalie Community Government Council, Batchelor - 89760058
  • Bushfires NT, Batchelor - 89760098
  • Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs - 0401114912
  • Beatrice Hill Volunteer Fire Brigade - 0447074432
  • Dundee Beach, Paul Brown – 89782107
  • Wagait Shire Council, Garry - 0427133959

“This year’s Program will see two new dedicated staff and a dedicated Gamba Action Vehicle focusing on strategically targeted properties to bring them in line with the statutory Weed Management Plan for Gamba Grass,” Ms Lee said.

“The number of landholders accessing free limited herbicide and equipment loans continues to increase but the huge fire and environmental risk that gamba grass poses to lives and property in the Top End still remains.

“That’s why the Program’s primary focus this year will see targeted education towards specific properties and action will be taken to ensure compliance where necessary.

“It is pleasing to see a significant and continual increase in participants obtaining free herbicide and spray equipment, with a noticeable reduction of gamba grass in the greater Darwin region but there remains a significant cohort placing themselves and others at risk of wildfires fuelled by gamba grass.

Recent aerial surveys of the rural area give valuable insight into the current location of gamba grass and also show obvious patterns of spread radiating from critically affected areas.

“The data clearly shows how critical it is to prevent spread, tackle this weed early and work collectively with neighbours,” Ms Lee said.

“The start of the wet season is the best time to spray the herbicide as the plants are smaller and more accessible. This is particularly true if your property burnt last year.

Go to for more information about free herbicide and equipment loans.

Gamba Grass

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