Government acts strongly on water planning


A new Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan has been declared which will provide a framework for how water will be used and managed over the next ten years.

Department of Land Resource Management, Chief Executive Officer Alastair Shields said the new Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan would be effective for ten years, with a review scheduled for 2021.

“The new plan will provide guidelines to ensure water is allocated within the estimated sustainable yield to beneficial uses,” he said.

“It was developed through technical and scientific valuation alongside extensive community consultation which has determined how water will be used and managed.”

The plan aims to;

  • maintain public water supply;
  • recognise indigenous culture and other community values;
  • protect the environment; and
  • ensure sustainable development.

The Department of Land Resource Management has also begun a hydrogeological study on the Mereenie Aquifer System and has also called for interested people to be involved in the new Alice Springs Water Advisory Committee (WAC).

“This year the detailed study of the Mereenie Aquifer System will be undertaken which will include the development of a numerical model,” Mr Shields said.

"The study will provide improved understanding of the hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer system, the stratigraphy of the resource and an improved estimate of the sustainable yield, a modelled approach to the design of a new borefield at Rocky Hill and development of further knowledge and approach to drilling bores in the Mereenie Sandstone in the Rocky Hill environment.”

Mr Shields said he was pleased with the work that was being done in regards to strengthening water policies in the Territory.

“I encourage interested people to put their hand up for the WAC,” Mr Shields said.

“The WAC will assist in the active and ongoing involvement of stakeholders and the community in the management of water resources in the Alice Springs region.

“I look forward to working with this new group.”

Alice Water Allocation

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