Oolloo Water Advisory Committee


The Oolloo Water Advisory Committee is set to meet for the first time in Katherine today.

Committee Chair John Childs said agenda items include discussing seven terms of reference, focused in part on the development of a water allocation plan for the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer.

“The Oolloo Aquifer is a key water resource that underlies the Katherine and Daly Rivers,” Mr Childs said.

“This aquifer provides reliable, good quality water supply for agricultural production including pastoral uses, broad-acre cropping, horticulture and forestry.

“An important feature of the Committee is to inform and to be advised by the community regarding issues relevant to the aquifer, as well as providing the Department of Land Resource Management (DLRM) with its recommendations about the aquifer.”

DLRM Water Resources Division executive director, Jo Townsend, said DLRM will provide staff and resources to equip the committee with knowledge and information to help it develop advice and recommendations.

Ms Townsend said the 14 member Committee will bring a diversity of skills, perspectives and opinions to bear on water management in the Oolloo Dolostone Aquifer, and in the Daly River catchment more broadly as is relevant to management of the Aquifer.

“The Committee’s role is to identify issues, critically evaluate information and to offer suggestions for water management strategies that support the potential beneficial uses and maximise opportunities for ecological sustainable development in the region.”

The Oolloo Water Advisory Committee members are:

  • Mr John Childs           -          community member and Chair
  • Mr Dick Perry             -           community member
  • Mr Eddie Webber        -           community member
  • Mr Peter Marks           -           community member
  • Mr Phil Howie             -           community member
  • Ms Kate Peake           -           community member / Regional Development NT
  • Mr Simon Smith          -           NT Farmers Association Representative
  • Mr Malcolm Baker      -           TFS Corporation
  • Mr Sam McBean        -           NT Cattleman’s Association Representative
  • Mr Warren de With     -           AFANT Representative
  • Ms Mona Liddy           -           Wagiman Representative
  • Dr Lorrae McArthur    -           NLC Representative
  • Dr Alison King             -           Aquatic Ecologist
  • Mr Rob Lindsay          -           Maddaingya Malak Malak Representative

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