Get Your Spray On When It’s Sunny – Extended hours provide more opportunity to access free herbicide


Sunny days ahead present rural landholders with a great opportunity to spray herbicide on their gamba grass.

Gamba grass is an invasive Weed of National Significance (WoNS) that can present Dry Season fire risk to lives, property and the environment if left unmanaged.

December’s heavy rain and recent sunny weather has provided gamba grass with ideal growing opportunities.

That’s why the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is making herbicide available from the Freds Pass Sport and Recreational Reserve distribution point full time next week – just look for the digital sign on the Stuart Highway at Coolalinga lights.

The following locations continue to provide free herbicide and equipment loans:

·        Freds Pass Sport and Recreation Reserve, Bees Creek - 0427272586

·        Douglas Daly Research Farm - 89782442

·        Katherine Weed Management Depot - 89738857

·        Coomalie Community Government Council, Batchelor - 89760058

·        Bushfires NT, Batchelor - 89760098

·        Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs - 0401114912

·        Beatrice Hill Volunteer Fire Brigade - 0447074432

·        Dundee Beach, Paul Brown – 89782107

·        Wagait Shire Council, Garry Zikan - 0427133959

DENR Weed Management Branch Director Geri Lee thanked all partners involved in herbicide distribution - without them this Program wouldn’t be possible.

Ms Lee said: “It’s important to have everything ready for a spray on a sunny day.

“Dry periods are crucial for gamba grass control, as rain can literally wash herbicide away if it occurs within one hour of spraying.

“At this time of year it is hard to make the link between lush green grass and bushfires, but it is important to recognise that gamba grass contributes to devastating wildfires each and every Dry Season.

“Fuel loads will again reach dangerous levels without active control in the Wet Season, so please act now by accessing the resources provided through the Gamba Action Program.

“Last year more than 1000 program participants accessed herbicide and spray equipment from Freds Pass, equating to about half of the overall participants.

“This Program is helping save lives and reducing the wild fire risk to lives, property and the environment, with many participants advising that the program helped a great deal in controlling gamba on their property.”

Go to for more information about free herbicide and equipment loans.

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