Who will be the Territory’s first NRM Champions?


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is excited to launch the Territory’s first Natural Resource Management (NRM) Champions program.

NRM Champions is a sponsored training package for the pastoral industry that includes a range of exciting and personalised opportunities for two individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in NRM.

The Weed Management Branch (WMB) is managing the program. It is funded through the Established Pest Animals and Weeds initiative, part of the Australian Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper that aims to develop stronger farmers and a stronger economy.

A trip to western Queensland to learn about the devastating impact of prickly acacia (Vachellia nilotica) on pastoral land is one of the many highlights of the program.

“The Territory has a land‑based economy with potential to be severely impacted by the spread of weeds and good land management practices are critical to its future,” said WMB Director Geri Lee.

“The NRM Champions program is an exciting initiative that will provide participants with a good understanding of NRM combined with the relevant skills and experience to support the sustainability of our pastoral industry.

“A wide range of activities can be selected to produce an individually‑tailored program, such as learning to safely operate and maintain aerial incendiary devices, attending NRM conferences, learning how to monitor the rangelands and more.

“We are seeking two self-starters who have demonstrated:

·        An active interest in land management

·        Long term commitment to the pastoral industry; and

·        A desire to learn and implement actions leading to sustainable rangelands management.

“Nominations close on 5 June 2017 with the program commencing 1 August 2017.”

Go to www.nt.gov.au/nrmchampion for more information about the new NRM Champions Program.

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