Container Deposit Scheme Review Update


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) today thanked the hundreds of Territorians who have had their say on the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).

The CDS commenced in the Northern Territory in January 2012 and provides a 10 cent refund on approved beverage containers returned through collection depots.

DENR Environmental Authorisations acting director, Leonie Cooper, said the survey component of the review received 714 responses, including 646 from community organisations and members of the public.

The other 68 responses were from industry (including CDS coordinators, CDS depot operators. supply approval holders), non-government organisations and government employees.

“Participating in the survey gave Territorians an opportunity to contribute to improvements in consumer experience with CDS, and the environmental and community benefits that could come from improving access and operations of the CDS,” Ms Cooper said.

“I thank everyone who participated in the survey and provided valuable suggestions on how the CDS can be improved. These suggestions are currently being considered by the independent CDS review team, with the final review report due for release in August.

“What was very pleasing is that 76% of respondents said the CDS is successful and 81% indicated they participate in the CDS because they are environmentally conscious.

“The CDS has delivered many benefits to the Territory community, such as financial boosts to schools and community groups, as well as increased recycling rates and reduced litter in our environment.

“More than 90 million containers were collected by collection depots last financial year (2016-17) from Territorians, the most collected in any 12 month period since the scheme began.

“Collection depots paid out more than $9 million to Territorians during this time and this further demonstrates that Territorians continue to support the CDS.”

Ms Cooper said CDS infrastructure grants have provided businesses and organisations with one off funding to purchase equipment or infrastructure for projects that aim to improve public access across the Northern Territory.

In 2016-17 eight infrastructure grants were awarded totalling $139,852 and in 2017-18 a total of $130,116 has been allocated to provide five organisations the opportunity to acquire infrastructure for collecting approved containers.

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