Online Booking System to be introduced in 2022


The Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security (DEPWS) continues to work closely with the Department of Corporate and Digital Development (DCDD) to finalise procurement for the online booking system for our Parks and Reserves.

The tender assessment is ongoing and while it is expected the system will be procured and contracted by the end of September 2021, it will still require several months of configuration and testing before it is finalised.

The new online booking system for camping and associated multi-day walking fees will be introduced on 1 March 2022.

The online booking system will streamline campsite bookings and ensure greater certainty for campers and multi-day trail walkers.

It will also provide improved safety for our visitors as we will have better information about where our visitors are on our estate. This information will also improve visitor statistics for future planning and growth of experiences.

We want this new system to work efficiently and effectively, and for people to have confidence when planning their visits to our Parks so have allowed time for thorough testing with minimal disruption to visitors.

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