Get ready for fire season


Don’t be a weak link in bushfire safety in your neighbourhood this year. Now is the time to ensure your firebreak is effective.

Firebreaks are a legal requirement in the Darwin and Katherine rural areas and must be in by 6 June or you could face a fine.

The absence of firebreaks on a property can create unnecessary risk for you, your neighbours and firefighters.

Your home and pets could also be at risk.

The action you take now to remove unwanted rubbish and vegetation from around your home can help prevent the devastation fire can cause.

Firebreaks must be:

  • at least 4m wide
  • installed around the perimeter of your property, house and other permanent structures
  • free of vegetation more than 50mm high.

If you plan to reduce fuel loads by early burning, you must first get a permit to burn. You can get advice and a permit from your local volunteer bushfire brigade or fire warden.

Read more about firebreaks.

If gamba grass is growing on your property, you must install and maintain a 15m wide buffer zone that is free of gamba grass to prevent its spread and reduce bushfire risk. The buffer zone must be along all boundaries and driveways, and around all structures of the property. Gamba grass burns up to 8 times hotter than native grasses.

Keeping our community safe is a team effort.

If we all do our bit, we will get through this fire season together safely.

For more information, call the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security media manager on 0476 844 832.

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