Wildlife poaching charges


Two men are set to appear in Darwin Local Court tomorrow on multiple charges for the alleged import, possession, take and export of protected wildlife after they attempted to smuggle reptiles out of the Northern Territory (NT) to Queensland in July last year.

The 39-year-old male driver and his 23-year-old male passenger were stopped by remote police at Avon Downs and served with a warrant for their vehicle to be searched, which resulted in the seizure of the reptiles that were being transported without authority, paperwork or proof of possession.

Remote police officers and rangers from Parks and Wildlife seized 77 reptiles, including three venomous snakes, from a small truck travelling out of the Territory.

The seizure included 26 different species of reptiles which are all protected wildlife in the NT.

Anyone who is aware of or suspects a person is illegally interfering with protected wildlife is urged to call NT Police on 131 444, Parks and Wildlife on 0401 115 731 or Border Watch on 1800 06 1800.

Maximum penalties for anyone found guilty of illegally interfering with protected wildlife include 5 year imprisonment or $78,500 fine.

For more information, call the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security media manager on 0476 844 832.

Darwin Local Court

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