2020-21 Northern Territory Drilling Program

On 19 April 2021 Imperial Oil & Gas Pty Ltd (Imperial) submitted an Environment Management Plan (EMP) for assessment under the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations 2016.

The EMP is for the proposed 2021-2025 work program in EP187, located approximately 85 km southwest of Borroloola within the Carpentaria and MacArthur Basins of the Northern Territory. The EMP covers the proposed seismic, drilling and hydraulic fracturing program that would be undertaken progressively over the life of the EMP, including drilling of up to seven new wells.

The EMP has a comprehensive scope of activities and includes:

  • acquisition of 165km of seismic data
  • civil works, including:
    • construction of up to six wellpads
    • construction of lined pits
    • establishment of up to 58 km of access tracks
    • establishment of an intersection onto the Carpentaria Highway
    • establishment of bunded tank pads and tanks fitted with leak detection
    • establishment of erosion and sediment control devices
    • construction and establishment of up to 58 km of buried low-pressure wastewater flowlines
    • clearing of up to 151 hectares
  • installation of water production and monitoring bores
  • drilling of up to seven gas exploration wells, consisting of one horizontal well from the existing Carpentaria 1 wellpad and six new wells, noting the six new wells include a vertical well plugged at the base with horizontal well coming off the vertical well
  • a combination of single-well pads and multiwell pads with a maximum of 4 wells per wellpad
  • evaluation, logging, testing and coring of each well, including diagnostic fracture injection testing
  • completion, workover and maintenance of the seven wells
  • extended production testing for each of the seven wells, for <=90 days for each well
  • hydraulic fracturing of each of the seven wells
  • suspension and decommissioning of the above seven wells.

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Closes: 19 May 2021

Opened: 21 April 2021

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Last updated: 21 April 2021

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