ORI6-1: Beetaloo Sub-Basin Kyalla 117 N2 Multi-Well Drilling, Stimulation and Well Testing Program EP117 EMP


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On 11 November 2020 Origin Energy B2 Pty Ltd submitted an EMP for assessment under the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations 2016.

The EMP proposes the construction of up to an additional two exploration and appraisal petroleum wells at the existing approved Kyalla EP117 well site, located approximately 300 km south-east of Katherine in the Beetaloo Sub-basin. Each new well may undergo drilling, hydraulic fracturing and well testing, within the existing footprint of the well site.

The new activities include:

  • drilling of the Kyalla 117 N2-2H and Kyalla 117 N2-3H horizontal exploration and appraisal wells (which includes the vertical component of the well)
  • hydraulic fracturing of two horizontal exploration and appraisal wells
  • completion and testing of an additional two exploration and appraisal wells
  • suspension and decommissioning of two exploration and appraisal wells
  • stimulation and well testing of two proposed exploration and appraisal wells
  • maintenance and monitoring works on two exploration and appraisal wells.

EMP and appendices

For alternative access to the EMP contact the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security on 08 8924 4218.

All comments received will be published.

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Closes 12 December 2020

Opened 14 November 2020


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Last updated: 14 November 2020

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