Code of Practice: Onshore Petroleum Activities in the NT

An overview

The Code of Practice: Onshore petroleum activities in the Northern Territory PDF (1.7 MB) (the Code) provides minimum standards that the onshore petroleum industry in the Northern Territory must adhere to.

The Code applies to all regulated activities including those associated with:

  • both conventional and unconventional oil and gas
  • exploration, appraisal and production activities.

Environment Management Plans are now required by law to demonstrate how the Code will be complied with in the proposed activities and will not be approved if they are not compliant with the requirements of the Code.

Additional regulatory documents

The Code refers to additional regulatory documents that provide detailed expectations for onshore petroleum activities.

For more information on land clearing refer to the Land Clearing guidelines.

View the Schedule of Onshore Petroleum Exploration and Production Requirements.

Last updated: 01 July 2019

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