Territory Wildlife Parks Pricing Policy

The Territory Wildlife Parks Pricing Policy provides a pricing structure framework to set prices of goods and services for the Territory Wildlife Park and Alice Springs Desert Park, collectively known as the ‘Territory Wildlife Parks’ (TWPs).

The TWPs are Government Business Divisions (GBDs), as determined by the Treasurer. As a GBD, the TWPs can recover a significant portion of their operating costs through charges to users.

The primary income source for the TWPs is from NT Government Community Service Obligation (CSO) payments.

The TWPs Pricing Policy takes into account the GBD status, the payment of the CSO funding and competitive neutrality principles.

As part of the new Pricing Policy, the parks will provide more robust reporting about the community service obligations performed, the expenditure of CSO funding and commercial operations undertaken. This will offer further transparency to the community about income, expenditure and operations.

Territory Wildlife Parks Pricing Policy PDF (215.5 KB)
Territory Wildlife Parks Pricing Policy DOCX (186.7 KB)

Entry prices

From 1 July 2019, entry prices for the Territory Wildlife Park and Alice Springs Desert Park will increase following a review into the commercial operations of the parks. The fee increase will bring the parks in-line with entry fees of similar zoos and wildlife parks in other jurisdictions around Australia, as well as local tourism attractions.

The increase of entry prices will ensure cost recovery of the commercial elements of the operation, as opposed to the community service obligations fulfilled by the parks such as hosting NT school excursions, which will not be affected by the new pricing policy.

Territory school children on excursions will remain free.

The change will also address the principles of competitive neutrality, eliminating resource allocation distortions arising out of public ownership of the park sites.

Find out more about the fee changes to the Territory Wildlife Park and Alice Springs Desert Park PDF (1.5 MB).

Last updated: 18 February 2020

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