NT Parks and Reserves Estate

The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory maintain a database of all areas (terrestrial and marine) managed by the Commission. The database contains information on individual land parcels and includes area under management, declaration details, management arrangements and other information relevant to the parcel. A summary of the information can be viewed by opening NT Parks and Reserves List PDF (283.7 KB)

You can request further information from our Land Administration Officer by contacting the Parks and Wildlife Alice Springs (Head Office) on 08 8951 8250.

Last Updated 8 September 2020 Total Parks and reserves Declared Under Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act Not declared Joint Managed Parks / Reserves Non - Joint Managed Parks / Reserves Other areas Total
Amount 84 63 21       33 51 1 85
Administrative Area (ha) 4,932,602 *4,594,075338,527 2,833,6712,098,931 127,400 5,060,002
Other land Managed primarily for Conservation Conservation Covenants over private land under Section 74 agreement Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act Area (ha) 140,567


* Garig Gunak Barlu National Park (Gurig National Park) is declared under the Cobourg Peninsula Aboriginal Land, Sanctuary and Marine Park Act and included under declared parks.

* Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park is declared under the Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park Act and included under declared parks

* Areas for 'Declared Under Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act'  exclude those parcels of land within the park/reserve not declared.


From time to time the estate details may be adjusted for any Park or Reserve listed as databases are reviewed and/or more accurate information is provided to the Commission. This can be done at any given time and without notice.

The Administrative Area is the parcel area listed in ILIS rounded to the nearest whole number. Actual area of management may vary.

The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT gives no warranty that the information, data or figures provided here are accurate, correct or suitable for use by any persons for any purpose. The Commission accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any person resulting from the use of the information data or figures appearing here.

These figures are provided on the condition that the Parks and Wildlife Commission are acknowledged as the source. If you present this information with additional analysis or comment you must disclose that the analysis is your analysis and not the Parks and Wildlife Commission's.

Last updated: 23 September 2020

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