Lhere Mparntwe Management Strategy 2019

The Lhere Mparntwe Management Strategy 2019 (the Strategy), aims to manage the Todd and Charles Rivers in a coordinated and collaborative way to ensure that they are ecologically healthy and widely recognised as iconic symbols of Alice Springs with tangible cultural, environmental, social and economic values.

The Strategy will:

  • protect and enhance the natural and cultural values of the rivers
  • encourage more locals and visitors to use the rivers in culturally and ecologically appropriate ways for recreation and relaxation
  • ensure local and Territory governments, traditional owners, business and the community work collaboratively to care for the rivers.

The Strategy is the first step towards effective management of the rivers.

A range of government, business and community members formed a working group to assist in the development of the Strategy.

Members of the working group:

  • Ken Johnson – Chairperson
  • Geoff Kenna – community representative
  • Fiona Walsh – community representative
  • Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation
  • Alice Springs Landcare
  • Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
  • Arid Lands Environment Centre
  • Alice Springs Town Council
  • Northern Territory Government

View the Lhere Mparntwe Management Strategy 2019 PDF (4.1 MB).

Last updated: 24 October 2019

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