Pastoral lease administration applications and permits

This page lists application and permit information for pastoral lease administration. 

For all other application and permit information relating to pastoral lease administration go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Transfer or sublease pastoral land

Standard pre-requisites to consent to transfer or sublease pastoral leases in the Northern Territory PDF (114.6 KB).

Land subdivision

The following guidelines, forms and resources are for subdivision of pastoral land:

The Northern Territory’s pastoral land administration system has been designed to promote sustainable land use and sound land management practices. It is a fundamental objective of the Pastoral Land Act that pastoral leases not only require the sustainable use of natural resources but also remain economically viable.

While the Northern Territory Government is committed to diversification of activities on pastoral land to assist economic viability, it has a duty to prevent inappropriate subdivision of pastoral leases. 

The NT Pastoral Land Board has approved policy guidelines for the lodgement of applications under the Pastoral Land Act to subdivide pastoral leases for pastoral purposes1. This includes the minimum level of information to be submitted by the applicant as part of the subdivision application and the criteria to be used by the board to assess applications.

These guidelines have been prepared to outline the information that is required to be submitted by applicants proposing to subdivide a pastoral lease where it is intended the resulting leases will remain pastoral leases for pastoral purposes. An explanation of the criteria that will be used to assess these applications has also been given.

For more information contact the Pastoral Lease Administration Branch.

1 These guidelines do not apply to the subdivision of pastoral leases for non-pastoral uses such as closer development for horticultural or agricultural uses. Such subdivisions require a change of tenure, for example a Crown Lease issued under the Crown Lands Act and subdivision approval under the Planning Act. Consideration will also need to be given to possible native title implications arising from both the change in land tenure and use of the land. '

More information about subdivision of pastoral leases for non-pastoral uses can be obtained from the Rangelands Management Branch.

Last updated: 18 September 2017

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