Land, soil and vegetation information

Land, soil and vegetation information is available across the Northern Territory (NT) in the form of maps, datasets and reports. 

Information includes:

  • spatial data and derived map products in a range of formats including GIS data and PDF
  • map unit descriptions of landform, soil and/or vegetation
  • landscape, vegetation and soil profile descriptions
  • technical reports
  • general land suitability.

Detailed information is available around population centres such as Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and some smaller towns and other areas. More general, less detailed information is available for most of the rest of the NT.

This information and mapping is available to land holders, industry, consultants and the general public.

Go to land, soil and vegetation publications to view full indexes of land, soil and vegetation mapping-related publications, and direct links to recent publications.

Go to land, soil and vegetation technical information for summaries of soil and vegetation of the NT, and guidelines for vegetation survey.

Read general information on NT Native Vegetation


View land, soil and vegetation information on NR Maps.

Type of informationRelevant layer

Land resources (land, soil and vegetation)

Mapping indexLand resource survey index or view the Northern Territory Land Resource Surveys mapping status PDF (6.3 MB) as listed under NT Land Systems or Land Units
Map unit detailsAs listed under NT Land Systems or Land Units


Mapping indexVegetation resource survey index
Broad vegetation detailsNational Vegetation Information System (NVIS 2007 Level 2)
Soil profile information at survey sitesSALI Soil Profile Descriptions

Get data

Use the information above to choose a dataset/s.

Then get specific maps or digital datasets by requesting data.

For more information contact Rangelands.

Last updated: 14 April 2016

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