Weed ID Deck

The Northern Territory comprises many different landscapes, each rich in diverse flora and fauna. Weeds are one of the principle threats to the health and productivity of these environments.

Early detection and prevention are the most cost effective control methods and have long-term economic and environmental benefits.

The aim of the Weed ID Deck PDF (8.7 MB) is to provide a tool to assist the community in early identification, reporting and control of high priority weed species that threaten the Northern Territory.

Cards are arranged and colour coded into six categories based on growth form – trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, grasses and aquatics.

Each card provides colour photographs of a weed species and describes key attributes, allowing for identification at different life stages.

There is also information on habitat, method of spread and optimal treatment time.

If you suspect you have discovered a plant that is listed in the Weed ID Deck, it is important you contact the Weed Management Branch for positive identification and advice, particularly when the species has a ‘report immediately if found’ notice.

Last updated: 07 October 2019

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