Palmerston groundwater study

The study will provide information about the Palmerston Dolostone aquifer.

This groundwater resource sits under the western part of Palmerston (and parts of the Darwin rural area).

The project will not affect existing groundwater users.

View the Palmerston Dolostone Aquifer Report PDF (3.7 MB).

  • To produce a plan for managing the resource.
  • Use of the resource has grown and the volume being taken is unknown.
  • No groundwater investigations since 1988.
  • Aquifer boundaries not well mapped.
  • There are several competing water users.
  • The resource overlies more saline water, as fresh water is taken, saline water moves up in the groundwater system and could put existing uses at risk.

The NT Government's drilling team will:

  • undertake water bore drilling at selected sites in Palmerston
  • establish a water bore monitoring network
  • repair existing Government bores
  • decommission some Government bores.

The NT Government’s groundwater assessment team will:

  • collect water samples from domestic bores
  • provide basic testing on-site
  • send selected samples for more detailed testing
  • provide results to property owners
  • provide results of detailed testing on NR Maps.

The drilling and remediation work is now finished.

Water sampling will be undertaken from 14 December 2019 to end January 2020.

A report will be ready in the second half of 2020.

The study is located in the western part of Palmerston.

The study will not affect existing groundwater users.

Map of locations that the Palmerston groundwater study is take to place

Last updated: 10 December 2019

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