NT Controller of Water Resources

Expressions of interest

To provide further transparency in water decisions, the minister is seeking expressions of interest to appoint a new Controller of Water Resources.

Find out how to submit an expression of interest.

The Controller of Water Resources is appointed by the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Water Security.

Their decision-making is directed by the Water Act 1992 and relevant Northern Territory Government policy.

Role of department

The department looks after assessment and monitoring of the Territory's water resources in line with legislation.

It supports the controller providing evidence-based scientific and regulatory advice for the controller to make informed decisions.

Role of controller

The controller may delegate their powers and functions (s19) from time to time. Delegated powers and functions are shown with an asterisk (*).

The controller has the power to:

  • enter land to construct, maintain, repair or remove works fit for the investigation, use control, protection or management of water (s20)
  • appoint an authorised officer (s21)
  • refer matters to a Water Advisory Committee (s23)
  • issue a remediation notice if a person has contravened the Act (s33A) or take action to recover costs (s33D)*
  • ensure that a continuous program for the assessment of water resources of the Territory is carried out
    • including the investigation, collection, collation and analysis of data about the occurrence, volume, flow, characteristics, quality, flood potential and use of water resources (s34)
  • give directions (s70)*
  • approve the use of a bore where costs have been borne by the Territory (s81)
  • recover unpaid moneys (s84)
  • provide advice to the minister with regard to emergency powers and take certain actions (s96 and s97)
  • approve proceedings for an offence against the Act (s105)*.

The controller can also grant a permit or licence for the following:

  • explore for water (s36)
  • interfere with a waterway (s41)
  • take surface water (s45)
  • drilling (s49)*
  • bore work (s57)
  • take groundwater (s60)
  • take groundwater for hydraulic fracturing (s60A)
  • underground water disposal licence (s63)
  • recharge licence (s67)
  • grant a developer a licence to take water (s71G) and subsequent licences (s71H)
  • waste discharge licence (s74).

They can also amend*, change or revoke a licence (s93).

A delegated decision, when published, has the notification of delegation at the time of publishing the decision.

Expressions of interest

To submit an expression of interest, go to the Aston Carter recruitment website and quote reference number 534901.

For more information, read the guidelines for appointing a Controller of Water Resources under the Water Act 1992 PDF (745.9 KB).

Last updated: 14 October 2022

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