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Water Licensing Portal

The water licensing portal provides access to water licensing information including water licence decisions, water allocation plans, water assessment reports, legislative and administrative information in the Northern Territory.

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  • Maps of the water control districts and water allocation plans
  • Details of factors considered when assessing a license application
  • Supporting scientific documents
  • Water advisory committees
  • Links to licence registers

How Do I Use the Portal?

Advertised – A water licence application has been received, advertised publicly and a decision is yet to be made.
Granted – A water licencing decision has been made by the Controller of Water Resources.
NoI – A Notice of Intention (NoI) is required under Sec 71B of the Water Act -Under the Water Act, the Controller is required to make a NoI to make a water extraction licence decision. This notice is published in a newspaper circulating throughout the Territory, and where appropriate, in the general locality to which the application relates.  This notice includes information relating to the application, such as the where the water will be extracted from, what it will be used for and how much is being applied for.
NoD – a Notice of Decision (NoD) is required under Sec 71D of the Water Act -Following the granting of a water extraction licence, the Controller must give notice of the decision (NOD).  This notice must give a brief statement of the reasons for the decision, where the full decision can be obtained, and options for appeal.
SoD – a Statement of Decision (SoD) is required under Sec 90 of the Water Act - a Statement of Decision (SOD) is provided by the Controller when a licence decision is made outlining all the relevant factors which were taken into account when a decision is made.  These factors include the availability of water, if any water allocation plan applies, any adverse effects created by the activity, the quantity of water, the beneficial use, and any other factors the Controller considers should be taken into account.


For more information email waterresources@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 26 July 2021

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