Aquatic ecosystems

The Northern Territory’s aquatic ecosystems are incredibly diverse and valued for their cultural environmental, economic and social significance.

From the working port of Darwin Harbour and the large tropical river systems of the Top End to waterholes in the Central Australian desert, the management and protection of these wetlands is important to preserve these values for all Territorians.

  • Darwin Harbour and marine environments
    Information about Darwin Harbour marine habitats and animals, including results and trends in water quality monitoring.
  • Freshwater ecosystems
    Information about river and creek health, including the monitoring of water quality, fish and aquatic plants and animals.
  • Groundwater-dependent ecosystems
    Information about springs and desert waterholes that are groundwater-fed, including fish monitoring.
  • Aquatic pests
    Information on non-native fish and plants listed as aquatic pests in the NT.

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