Darwin Harbour and marine environments

Information about the Darwin Harbour, marine habitats and animals, including results and trends in water quality monitoring.

For information about water quality monitoring in Darwin Harbour refer to our Darwin Harbour water monitoring page.

The water quality of Darwin Harbour is regularly monitored to test that it meets standards needed to protect environmental, recreational and cultural values.

The monitoring program includes ambient environmental monitoring of the harbour and its waterways, as well as water quality testing at beaches used for swimming.

The Darwin Harbour Report Cards provide a snapshot of water quality and the health of aquatic ecosystems across the harbour and its catchment.

The Northern Territory (NT) has one of the world's most intact marine environments so it is important to protect its marine and coastal biodiversity.

The health of marine biodiversity in Darwin Harbour is monitored by mapping and characterising underwater habitats, monitoring seagrass habitats, dolphins and marine turtles.

The Northern Territory Government and INPEX partnership to create an integrated Marine Monitoring and Research Program.

The Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee provides advice to the Northern Territory Government through the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources on the effective management of Darwin Harbour and its catchment.

For more information about the committee, its members, the strategy and keep informed by subscribing to their bulletin go to the committee's site.

Last updated: 19 August 2019

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