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Daly and Roper River health monitoring program

The Daly/Roper River health monitoring program takes place every dry season.

During the dry the rivers are most vulnerable to impacts from groundwater pollution and water extraction.

There are 21 freshwater sites that are monitored mid dry season when flow conditions are stable and flow is supplied by groundwater.

The program measures indicators from each of the three levels of the cause and effect model. Read about river health in the Top End.

The indicators are as follows:

  • biological indicators are the most critical to detect actual impacts on the ecosystem
  • stressor indicators, such as water quality and toxicants can provide early warning of potential changes
  • pressure indicators are important to inform the adaptive management of aquatic ecosystems, pressures can be directly influenced by management actions.

For the latest monitoring information you will need to logon to the Northern Territory Government's arcGIS.

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Last updated: 19 August 2019

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