Darwin Harbour water monitoring

The water quality of Darwin Harbour is regularly monitored to test that it meets standards needed to protect environmental, recreational and cultural values.

The monitoring program includes ambient environmental monitoring of the harbour and its waterways, as well as water quality testing at beaches used for swimming.

The results of the Darwin Harbour water quality monitoring program have been reported in the annual Darwin Harbour Region Report Cards since 2009.

Regular monitoring locations cover a range of reporting zones. This includes Darwin Harbour estuary and extends to marine waters from Charles Point in the west and Gunn Point in the east.

This water quality monitoring program is supported by a number of other monitoring and research projects in Darwin Harbour.

Water quality and stream biota at sites in the Darwin Harbour catchment have been monitored every year since 2001, but now monitoring is restricted to Rapid Creek in the Darwin urban area.

Go to the Darwin Harbour region report cards for more information.

Last updated: 19 September 2017

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