Darwin Harbour Integrated Marine Monitoring and Research Program

Long term environmental monitoring programs are currently under development in the Darwin Harbour region. These program have been vastly enhanced with the generosity of the Ichthys LNG Project in funding a significant long-term (40 year) program of monitoring and research.

This will allow Water Resources to invest in priority research in the harbour to learn more about water, sediment quality and mangrove health. This will tell us more about the many plants and animals that live in the mangroves.

This additional information will inform our future monitoring program and help to better protect the harbour.

Research projects have been initiated to find out the following:

  • how mangrove sediments are polluted by metals from storm water
  • how microbes in the sediments affect nutrients
  • whether mangrove sediments are accumulating or being washed away
  • whether mangrove plant cover and types can be monitored using remote sensing satellite imagery.

The aim of the Integrated Marine Monitoring and Research Program (IMMRP) is to better coordinate, and wherever possible, integrate monitoring and research activities to provide a holistic, scientifically credible assessment of the region’s aquatic ecological health and build a knowledge base to inform adaptive management to maintain and protect the region’s environmental values.

The coordination committee

A stakeholder coordination committee of major Darwin Harbour Region environmental monitoring and management organisations, and research institutions has been established to facilitate the development and implementation of the IMMRP.

Stakeholders include INPEX Pty Ltd, ConocoPhillips, Power and Water Corporation, Darwin Port Operations, Charles Darwin University, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Department of Defence, Darwin City Council and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Last updated: 24 March 2016

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