Darwin Harbour report card 2018

Zone 6: Outer Harbour

2018 report card overview

Water quality in the Outer Harbour was excellent.

All indicators complied with Water Quality Objectives.

Zone 6 Outer Harbour grade wheel

About the Outer Harbour

The Outer Harbour is a well-mixed system open to coastal exchange.

It receives urban stormwater from Darwin’s northern suburbs and effluent from the Ludmilla Wastewater Treatment Plant is discharged to this part of the Harbour at the East Point outfall.

Seagrass beds occur off Casuarina Coastal Reserve where dugongs can be spotted regularly.

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Long-term trend

Zone 6 Outer Harbour trends

Data summary

The distribution of the data for all parameters is shown here as box and whisker plots.

For report card grades the median of the data (solid line in the box) is compared to the Water Quality Objective (dotted line) for each parameter.

Zone 6 Outer Harbour turbidity
Dissolved oxygen indicator – Oxygen saturation parameterZone 6 Outer Harbour dissolved oxygen
Algae indicator – Chlorophyll-a concentration parameterZone 6 Outer Harbour chlorophyll-a
Nutrients indicator – Nitro oxide, ammonia and soluble phosphorus concentrations parameterZone 6 Outer Harbour phosphorusZone 6 Outer Harbour ammoniaZone 6 Outer Harbour nitrogen oxide

Supplementary parameters

Zone 6 Outer Harbour salinity

Zone 6 Outer Harbour temperature

Zone 6 Outer Harbour pH levels

Last updated: 07 June 2019

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