Zone 4: West Arm

Water quality in the West Arm was very good.

About West Arm

West Arm has extensive mangrove habitat, inter-tidal mudflats and large inter-tidal areas that are exposed on spring tides.

The West Arm reporting zone includes a series of large tidal creeks and Woods Inlet.

The western boundary of Darwin Harbour catchment comprises only minor rural development on Cox Peninsula.

West Arm is considered to be relatively undisturbed with stream inflows limited to wet season run-off from a largely intact undisturbed catchment.

Long term trend

Zone 1 - Elizabeth River estuary long term trend

Data summary

The distribution of the data for all parameters is shown here as box and whisker plots.

For report card grades the median of the data (solid line in the box) is compared to the Water Quality Objective (dotted line) for each parameter.

Indicator Plot(s)
Algae (Chlorophyll-a)
Dissolved oxygen
Nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus)
Water clarity (turbidity)

Supplementary parameters

Last updated: 14 September 2022

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