Zone 9: Myrmidon Creek

Water quality in Myrmidon Creek was satisfactory. Indicators of dissolved oxygen and water clarity did not always comply with Water Quality Objectives. Water quality at the mouth of this system entering East Arm and Elizabeth River was very good.

Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek wheel 2020

About Myrmidon Creek

Myrmidon Creek is a small mangrove-lined tidal creek on the fringes of the city of Palmerston.

It receives urban stormwater runoff during the wet season and discharge from the Palmerston wastewater treatment plant.

The creek drains into the Elizabeth River estuary.

The distribution of the data for all parameters is shown here as box and whisker plots.

For report card grades the median of the data (solid line in the box) is compared to the Water Quality Objective (dotted line) for each parameter.

Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek turbidity 2020
Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek dissolved Oxygen 2020
Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek Chlorophyll-a 2020
Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek filterable reactive phosphorus 2020Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek ammonia 2020Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek NOx 2020

Supplementary parameters

Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek salinity 2020 Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek temperature 2020 Zone 9 - Myrmidon Creek pH 2020

Last updated: 12 October 2021

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