Darwin Harbour Report Card 2016

Zone 7: Shoal Bay

Water quality in Shoal Bay was good. Physico-chemical
indicators and chlorophyll-a concentrations (algae)
complied with Water Quality Objectives.
Oxidised nitrogen and phosphorus also complied,
however, ammonia levels exceeded the guideline value,
leading to an overall “Fail” for the nutrient indicator.
This may have been due to natural variability in water quality

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About Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay is a shallow embayment with a number of sandbars along the coastal fringe and entrance to tidal creeks.
Shoal Bay receives sediment and nutrient loads from the Howard River catchment during the wet season.
A number of smaller mangrove-lined tidal creeks flow to Shoal Bay, these include King, Micket and Buffalo Creeks.

The Leanyer-Sanderson Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges to Buffalo Creek which flows into Shoal Bay.

Long-term trend

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Last updated: 10 May 2018

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