Katherine Tindall Limestone Aquifer Water Allocation Plan

The Tindall Limestone Aquifer represents one of the Territory's highest yielding, good quality groundwater resources.

The Katherine Tindall Limestone Aquifer Water Allocation Plan 2019-2024 was declared on 16 August 2019. The plan is the third water allocation plan for the region. It has a lifespan of five years and will be reviewed in this timeframe.

The plan was developed in consultation with the Katherine Water Advisory Committee.

The Katherine Tindall Limestone Aquifer Water Allocation Plan 2019-2024 provides water management arrangements for the Tindall Limestone Aquifer within the Katherine River catchment boundary.

Groundwater and the surface water derived from that groundwater are taken together to be the water resource managed under the plan. This includes part of the Katherine River where the flow is influenced by groundwater through springs and seepage from the Tindall Limestone Aquifer.

Water management arrangements focus on meeting the values of all water users. A principal objective of the plan is to maintain river levels in the Katherine River by meeting water requirements of water dependent ecosystems.

In the absence of any new information to inform an alternative estimated sustainable yield, the plan sets an estimated sustainable yield of 38,391ML, adopted from the 2016-2019 water allocation plan.

Early implementation of the plan will include activities to better define the non-consumptive (environmental and cultural) water requirements for the system. This will assist with establishing a new estimated sustainable yield for the next plan.

For more information review the comparisons between the current and previous plan PDF (137.3 KB).

View the map of the Daly Roper Beetaloo water control district.

For more information contact the Katherine Water Resource Planner on 08 8999 4017.

Last updated: 08 April 2022

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