Bushfires NT Council and committees

The Bushfires Council is a statutory body that has a legislated responsibility under the Bushfires Management Act 2016 to advise the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources (the minister) on bushfire prevention and control in the Northern Territory.

Members of the Bushfires Council are appointed by the minister for a three-year term of office, and represent a range of land management interests from across the NT.

Bushfires Council NT members

Elizabeth Bird Chair Bushfires Council NT
Paul Blore Deputy Chair Bushfires Council NT
Todd Smith Bureau of Meteorology
Dianne Tynan NT Bushfires Volunteer Association
Garry Cook CSIRO
Mark Spain NTPFES
Patricia Rigby-Christopherson Northern Land Council
Benjamin Kaethner Central Land Council
Walter Braitling Southern member
Ian Stewart Northern member
Ashley Manicaros NTCA
Karen May Territory NRM
Andy Hayes Chair Alice Springs Regional Committee
Alice Beilby Chair Savanna Regional Committee
Shaun Ansell Chair Vernon Arafura Regional Committee
Nigel Gellar Chair Arnhem Regional Committee
Lee Perkins Chair Barkly Regional Bushfires Committee

Regional Bushfires committees

The Bushfires Management Act 2016 also establishes Regional Bushfires committees for each of the NT's five Fire Management Zones.

Regional Bushfires committees have a statutory requirement to advise the Bushfires Council on measures to be taken to prevent, manage and control bushfires within their gazetted Fire Management Zone.

Members are appointed to Regional Bushfire committees by the minister for a three-year term of office.

For more information contact Bushfires NT.

Last updated: 18 September 2019

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