Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee members

Community participation in the water planning process is important.

A water advisory committee provides an avenue for the Northern Territory Government to inform the community on water planning matters, and for committee members to provide feedback and advice to the Government.

This committee gives voice to the different sectors and water interests of the Western Davenport and Ti Tree regions. '

Members were appointed by the Minister for Environment in October 2021.

Chairperson: Andrew Johnson

Andrew was recognised by the South Australian Water Industry Alliance as the Industry Leader of 2017.

Andrew is an ecologist with over 40 years’ experience in the field of:

  • natural resources
  • water and environmental management, including community development and legislative reform.

He has supported many regional and Aboriginal communities to address:

  • reconciliation and
  • water and environmental initiatives.

He has mediated a wide range of public meetings, training programs and community engagement.

Andrew is recognised for the services he provided in both the public and private sector. After retiring from the State Government (SA), he established Andrew Johnson and Associates, where he is the Managing Director.

Andrew joins the committee as an independent chairperson to facilitate the variety of discussions associated with the allocation of water.

He is the Chair of Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee.

E: andrew@andrewwjohnson.com

Jade Kudrenko

Jade is an environmental advocate from Alice Springs. She has worked in Land Management roles in Central Australia for 20 years and has specialised knowledge in supporting First Nations people to care for country.

Her expertise includes integration of best practice scientific principles with Indigenous Ecological Knowledge within large scale environmental projects.

Jade is the General Manager at the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) and:

  • holds a position on the Central Australian Economic Reconstruction Committee and
  • is a Councillor for the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Jade joins the Committee to represent environmental water requirements and values in the Central Australia arid lands.

E: info@alec.org.au

Annette D’Emden

Annette is an electrical engineer with recognised leadership in the water sector for over 20 years. Her work is focused on providing leadership in the area of regional and remote development.

Annette has 13 years’ experience working for Power and Water Corporation. She managed the service level agreements to government for Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd, encompassing 72 Remote Communities and 79 Outstations along with delivered land development and service connections advice for proposals.

She brings to the Committee a strong understanding of:

  • corporate governance
  • regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Aboriginal community water supplies
  • strategic planning for future community growth.

Annette joins the Committee as a representative of regional development and remote community water supply.

E: aandn@demden.net

Steve Morton

Steve has a Doctorate in Zoology with:

  • experience in the fields of natural resource management and ecosystem conservation
  • a strong interest in the ecology of Australian deserts.

He is driven by the challenge of translating ecological understanding into decision-making.

Steve is a former Chief of Division and Executive with CSIRO and now an Honorary Professorial Fellow with Charles Darwin University.

He serves on a variety of boards and committees as Chair, Trustee and Director.

Steve joins the Committee to share his experience in ecosystem science and natural resource management in central Australia.

E: mortondunnart@gmail.com

Paul Burke

Paul is a rural sector advocate. He has supported the development and protection of agribusiness and cattle producers.

Paul has a strong understanding of paddock to plate processes. He is an expert on fostering profit grown through the appropriate management of land and water resources.

Paul has experience in both the public and private sector, in:

  • assets management
  • policy and
  • advocacy.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of NT Farmers Association, a position he has held since July 2019.

He has had an extensive background in the agricultural industry having been the Queensland Operation Manager for Ag Force Queensland and the CEO of the NT Cattlemen’s Association.

Paul joins the Committee to represent the agribusiness sector.

Paul McLaughlin

Paul is a key advocate for horticulture in the region. He has over 35 years’ experience in a variety of agribusiness ventures in:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory.

He is currently leading a Centrefarm enterprise for the economic development of Aboriginal landowners at Ali Curung in the Western Davenport Water Control District.

Desert Farms Pty Ltd is a highly successful irrigated horticultural development, producing approximately 8000 tons of watermelons annually and the first ever commercial peanut harvest in Central Australia.

Paul was a member of the former Western Davenport Water Advisory Committee.

He joins the new Committee to represent the interests of irrigated agriculture.

Roy Chisholm

Roy is the Manager of Centralian Fodder and brings many years of experience in irrigated agriculture to the Water Advisory Committee.

His work with both the public and private sector and interests at Oolloo, Napperby Station and the Territory Grape Farm gives him a deep understanding of regional water issues.

Roy is a member and ex-President of the NT Cattlemen’s Association, as well as a member of the Pastoral Land Board and the NT Farmers Association.

Roy lives and works in the Ti Tree area and is interested in local and regional development.

Roy joins the Committee to represent the water interests of the agribusiness sector.

Barbara Shaw

Barbara joins the Committee to support the water interests of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal people across the Western Davenport and Ti Tree regions.

Michael Liddle

Michael joins the Committee to support the water interests of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal people across the Western Davenport and Ti Tree regions

Nicholas Ashburner

Nicholas has a background of environmental science and is the manager of the Central Land Council’s Land Management division. He has many years’ experience in practical land management and has represented Traditional Owner interests on multiple committees across the southern half of the Northern Territory. Nick is dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for Traditional Owners through a strong stakeholder and community member engagement. He joins the new Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee (2021 – 2025) to represent the water interests of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal people across the Western Davenport and Ti Tree districts.

E: nick.ashburner@clc.org.au


Water Advisory Committee

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Last updated: 27 May 2022

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