Product catalogues

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) provides:

  • natural resource monitoring, management and advice, including scientific assessment of flora, fauna, land and water assets and
  • allocation and management of these resources to enable their sustainable use.

The agency provides:

  • primary source of natural resource mapping and spatial data in the Northern Territory
  • advice and support for the sustainable development of the Northern Territory’s land and water and conservation of its unique native flora and fauna
  • support and advice to landholders in the management and mitigation of wildfire in the Northern Territory.

The product catalogue is an inventory of DENR corporate natural resources digital data, published maps and technical reports. These corporate products are sourced from the:

  • Flora and Fauna Division
  • Rangelands Division
  • Water Resources Division and
  • Bushfires NT.

It is a comprehensive list of products organised into six themes:

  • fauna
  • flora and vegetation
  • land
  • water
  • bushfires and
  • publication.

Download the product catalogues:

Last updated: 01 April 2019

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