Outcomes of consultation on the draft Environment Protection Bill and Regulations

The draft Environment Protection Bill and Regulations were available for public review between 4 October and 3 December 2018. All released documents can be found on the consultation webpage.

Consultation on the draft legislation was managed through a third party (JTA Australia) with a series of interviews, round table discussions and written submissions. JTA Australia developed a consultation report PDF (595.2 KB) to summarise stakeholders views on the draft legislation. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has prepare the Response to submission on draft environment protection legislation for the Northern Territory PDF (231.5 KB).

Thirty five organisations participated in interviews and 33 written submissions were received. In addition, 178 people submitted a pro-forma submission arranged PDF (78.1 KB) by the Environment Centre of the Northern Territory.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources thanks all those stakeholders who have contributed their time and effort in providing written and verbal submissions. The submissions have gone towards further improving proposed reforms to the environmental regulatory system and will assist to deliver sustainable development in the Northern Territory.

The department does not intend to release a revised draft Bill for further consultation. Stakeholders will be informed of the changes through updates on the Environmental Regulatory Reform latest news webpage. Stakeholders will be able to make submissions on the revised draft Bill through the Northern Territory Parliament’s Policy Scrutiny Committee process once it has been introduced into the Legislative Assembly in 2019.

The department received the following submissions on the draft Environment Protection Bill and draft Environment Protection Regulations.

1 W. Stuart Submission PDF (65.6 KB)
2 City of Palmerston Submission PDF (101.6 KB)
3 Submission withheld  
4 City of Darwin Submission PDF (1.7 MB)
5 Northern Territory Land Corporation Submission PDF (1.0 MB)
6 J. Tutty Submission PDF (636.4 KB)
7 GEMCO Submission PDF (85.0 KB)
8 Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Submission PDF (855.8 KB)
9 D. Liddle Submission PDF (104.5 KB)
10 Housing Industry Association Limited Submission PDF (4.3 MB)
11 Submission withheld  
12 Glencore Zinc Australia      Submission PDF (226.8 KB)
13 Submission withheld  
14 K. Howey Submission PDF (123.6 KB)
15 Lock the Gate Alliance Submission PDF (214.1 KB)
16 Landbridge Group Submission PDF (133.7 KB)
17 Submission withheld  
18 Ward Keller Submission PDF (600.1 KB)
19 Submission withheld  
20 P. Cass Submission PDF (135.4 KB)
21 Environmental Defenders Officer (NT) Inc. Submission PDF (911.7 KB)
22 Local Government Association of the Northern Territory Submission PDF (123.2 KB)
23 Minerals Council of Australia – Northern Territory Division Submission PDF (234.8 KB)
24 Association of Minerals and Exploration Companies Inc. Submission PDF (3.9 MB)
25 Arid Lands Environment Centre Submission PDF (233.6 KB)
26 Environment Centre Northern Territory Submission PDF (208.2 KB)
27 Submission withheld  
28 Northern Territory Seafood Council Submission PDF (155.4 KB)
29 Joint submission Northern Land Council and Central Land Council Submission PDF (565.3 KB)
30 Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association Submission PDF (536.7 KB)
31 Submission withheld  
32 Submission withheld  
33 Submission withheld

Last updated: 17 May 2019

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