Singleton Horticulture Project

Singleton Station is 294,900ha and is located in the Western Davenport region of the Northern Territory. The station was acquired in 2015 by Fortune Agribusiness Funds Management (FAFM), an Australian based agribusiness.

The Singleton Horticulture Project is the proposed development of 3,500ha of intensive irrigated horticulture to be established on Singleton Station.

The project is dependent on gaining access to 40GL of groundwater annually once fully developed. The project will be established through staged development over eight years.

The project will require more than 100 permanent positions to operate the farm and more than 1300 seasonal workers at full farm development.

The department has mapped the environmental approvals required for the project.

Singleton Horticulture Project - Approvals Mapping PDF (748.8 KB)

Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan Fact Sheet PDF (950.1 KB)

Last updated: 30 November 2022

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