The department's Land and Water Program 2014-18 produced a range of comprehensive soil and land suitability studies. The studies identify options for irrigated agricultural development in the Territory on:

  • pastoral
  • Aboriginal and
  • crown land.

The studies were undertaken in close collaboration with the Water Resource Division.

The Mapping the Future program 2018-22 expands upon the Land and Water Program. The program integrated:

  • land capability
  • water availability and
  • biodiversity information.

This information unlocks the bigger picture to support:

  • land planning
  • reduce investment decision risk and
  • encourage the private sector to do business in the Territory.

Mapping the Future products provide the base information enabling proponents to undertake detailed development scale assessments and government to make informed regulatory decisions.

Mapping the Future project areas are selected in consultation with government and non-government organisations, aligning with government development policies, such as:

  • Economic Development Framework
  • 10 year Infrastructure Plan and
  • Major Projects program.

We also recognised other critical development viability factors such as:

  • transport routes
  • power and communication services
  • local workforce
  • distance to market
  • areas where government are already investing or plan to invest in infrastructure and
  • areas where developers are ready to invest.

Last updated: 21 July 2020

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